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YOWEXA is a comprehensive company with 3 holding subsidiaries, focusing on the R&D, manufacture and sales of precision measuring instruments and sensors. The company is high-tech enterprises with dozens of domestic and foreign independent intellectual property rights. We are jointly founded by venture capital institutions and senior industry experts, scholars and engineers, is a variety of sensor measurement and control technology as the core-oriented company.

Our products mainly include coating thickness gauge, disposable PDF temperature data logger, temperature and humidity data logger, air quality and environment meter, professional data logger, thermometer and so on. Our products are widely used in automotive testing, cold chain transportation of medicine and food, storage, biological engineering, pharmaceutical and food industry, equipment manufacturing, surface treatment, scientific research institutions and laboratories, HVAC, IOT, home building environmental health, ultra-clean space, hospitals, schools and other fields. The products are exported overseas and have a high market influence.

We are involved in sensor technology, including thickness, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, TVOC, formaldehyde, pollution, pressure, process signals. We innovate and economically integrate Bluetooth, WIFI, GSM, GPRS, Lora, NB, cloud services and other IOT technologies into products, bringing customers a highly intelligent technology experience.

We have more than 10 years of technology and product accumulation. We bring various sensor technology into products, user will use these products without any complex concept. Our key advantage is high quality and meticulous pre-sale&after-sale service. If you intend to find an excellent product, we must be your best selections, and we will bring you more surprises.

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