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Office area decoration

Date: 2018-07-28
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With the continuous growth of sales in various markets, the required office staff is also increasing, and we have expanded the office space.

Hope more and more partners will join us in this beautiful science and technology park and grow together, continue to innovate, develop and produce, and realize more measurement possibilities for consumers.

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We designed the temperature and humidity data logger. It has the strict reliability, high and low temperature test, so it can work stable in harsh environment. Meanwhile, the sensor is the top level, and it can meet the measuring precision of various customer needs.Compact structure design can meet the high performance, and reduce the cost. With our highly professional and easy-to-use data an...
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Yowexa and a leading product design agency reached a strategic partnership. The agencies has won the German red-dot Award.
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Yowexa introduct the first round of angel investment. We will focus on smart sensor network and portable measuring technology.
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A project from Yowexa has won 11st  in China Shenzhen Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition.
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